Six months in

I'm grateful for you attention

This daily writing thing, this newsletter?

It’s been going for well over six months now.

For you, dear readers, I’m grateful.

As such, I’d love to share the three main takeaways from this practice:

1: I feel more connected to the world

Connecting with you through the messages, likes, comments and replies, I feel less isolated, less alone. In these fraught times, I’m grateful to know that you are out there.

Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for you attention.

I’m grateful to have an impact on your daily lives. Please keep reading.

And? If you know anyone who might be tickled by this sort of thing, please share the foolsletter with them.

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2: I’m beginning to know what I sound like when I sound like me

My creative voice as a writer and artist has never been more clear. Writing daily has allowed me to refine my work in ways I had not imagined. Yes, I do make a fair few grammatical errors. Apparently that’s part of my charm.

Creativity doesn’t need to be perfect. It helps however to practice daily and leave room for mistake making

3: I’m really bad at math

Which is why I’m not revising the three things that I’ve learned.

Read on to see just how poorly I stick to arithmetic commitments.

4: I’m even more comfortable in my own skin

The first three weeks of writing were fraught.

I was experiencing panic attack after panic attack.

My itty bitty shitty committee was going off like nobody’s business.

What if they hate it

What if they judge me

What if I lose readers

What if I gain readers

What if I’m successful

(that was the scariest for me)

As an actor / writer of my own material, I would have a show opening a few times a year.

In the first three weeks of the foolsletter, it was like opening night every day.

For twenty one days.


I’m used to showing, shipping and sharing my work.


It’s now longer about me. It’s about you.

Thank you for being with me as I waded through the bubbly lava of self doubt and panic.

Again, I’m deeply grateful.

5: I can write a book

Not by setting out to write two hundred pages at once.

Not by knowing what it will look like in the end.

I can write a book by showing up and writing every day.

In the first six months of the foolsletter, I’ve come up with the framework and outline for my first three books - with a couple of fun collaborations along the way.

All of this from a daily email.

All of this because you are here.


6: For the first time I have career certainty

I’m not certain about where I’m going.

I’m not certain about my impact.

I’m never certain about the results.

I am however certain that there will be a foolsletter tomorrow morning.

It’s already written, in the can, ready to send.

All that’s missing meow is the secret ingredient.

All that’s missing is you.


Help spread the word.

The more the merrier as they say…

PS: I'm planning a workshop for early in September. There, we’ll explore how to get started on a daily creative practice.

There, we’ll develop the skills we need to connect with others, find our voices and know the next step every day.

It’s all about tapping into your inherent creativity, trusting yourself, trusting the process and growing beyond what we imagined possible.

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