Setting a watch

And letting them expire.

I bought a mechanical, automatic watch recently.

In small part to be more like my grandpa.


In a big way to be less like him.

He had a habit of losing track of time.

I share the same problem.

With that, I sometimes get lost in conversations.

The watch is a reminder that my time is valuable to me and my family.

On Friday night I take it off.

Some time on Saturday it usually stops ticking.

On Monday morning, I put it on, wind it, correct the date and set the time.

Between Friday night and Monday morning?

I’m frequently with my family and I don’t need the watch.

My family reminds me that my time is valuable.

And that’s enough.

One Derful Thing

Imagine at some point today that everything and everyone is out of reach.

The only way to make contact?


How do you stretch your voice?

How can you physically stretch yourself into a room?

How can you stretch out a conversation?

A moment?

A day?