Selling stuff part 2

Where did it go?

On the weekend, I posted an advert for my used wetsuit and shared it here. The wetsuit is gone.

The buyer? He was around 17 years old and showed up with his mom in the passenger seat. He was barely able to drive. He paid me the negotiated 30 dollars. A ruthless negotiator, he drove me down from $53 with the merciless tactic of asking: Will you take thirty for it?

I was putty in his hands. His mother, a woman in her late forties eyed me suspiciously. Are you sure this will work Joey?

She could tell that her son was obviously dealing with a master negotiator and a remarkable fool. Silly mamma bear, there is no certainty. This will work for Joey for a little while. Then it will not. Just like this aspect of your relationship with him right now.


Joey has a wetsuit. And my car has a full tank of gas.

The thirty dollars were left with the gas station person.

(for the gas)

I’m not entirely certain where the thirty dollars, nor Joey went after that.

Thanks Joey!

One Derful Thing

Out of date catch phrase

Volume 1

In the spirit of selling some of my old crap, let’s revisit some great television commercials from the past.

Many had great catch phrases.


We’ll start with one of the greatest catch phrases of all time.

That’s right,

This one:


Today, find a way to work the phrase “WHERE’S THE BEEF into your day.

Report back on where and how you used it.