running in flip-flops

Ideally doesn't happen with scissors

I know a young boy - around 11 years old - who has a skinned knee right now.


I think the title says it all.

He was running in flip flops.

It was enevitable.

He was going to fall sometime.

People who run in flip-flops eventually encounter some unfortunate series of events.

Slipping sideways and rolling an ankle.

Having someone large with heavy boots step on a toe.

That skateboard mishap that still makes you cringe.

This guy?

He pulled the classic ‘catch the toe’ while running.

Down he went.

His knee?


Funny thing?

All the time, every day we’re all running around in flip flops, certain that what we’re doing is going to work out.

We’re depending on life being normal, predictable, steady and stable.

And a lot of the time it is.

And eventually?

The precarious reality and limits of running in flip-flops catches up to us

One Derful Thing

Do less today.

Take your list of things to do.

Cross one thing off.


Because it isn’t getting done.

We both know it.