Roots and rocks and other threats

Where is your focus?

I like riding downhill on a mountain bike on narrow trails that can be moderately treacherous. They have steep drops, tree trunks, branches, roots and rocks. All are hazards that could, if handled incorrectly, result in a nasty wipeout, and injury.

Funny thing about this?

When I look off the narrow path at the edge of a hill that's going to fall away quickly. I tend to go there and fall off. When I focus on a big rock in my path,  I tend to hit it.

When there's a tree that I'm worried about passing and I look at it too long?

Yup, I sure enough  catch my bars and go careening to the ground.

When we focus on the threats. The threats become more real. 

When we focus on the threats, the resistance and the potential for failure, these collisions become inevitable. 

When taking a risk? 

It’s best to focus on the openings and keep the threats in your peripheral vision.