reMarkable tools for remarkable fools

The toy that doesn't

Drafts of The Remarkable Foolsletter are written on the reMarkable 2 tablet.

It’s a remarkably foolish device.

It’s great because it doesn’t.

It doesn’t connect to the internet

It doesn’t ring or buzz

It doesn’t interrupt.

It doesn’t let me throw away my ideas.

It doesn’t cack it’s battery very quickly

It doesn’t feel like writing on a screen.

In fact, it feels so much like paper, I would sometimes cram
and gggggggggggggggglllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

strain to be more ‘efficient’ with my use of ‘the page’.

I spent too much time leaving ideas on pizza boxes and bar coasters. Things were out of place and made little sense to anyone who encountered them.

Now, my ideas have a home. What’s more, they have space.

Infinite space.

I’ve stopped trying to cram things in.

I’m embracing this infinite space.

It’s a hug.

Like a hug.

Only super big.

And your arms?

Too short.

Send in your story

Send in your embarrassing story. It can range from 2 to 500 words. Tell a story about a time in your youth where something happened that was terribly embarrassing back then and is really funny meow. In exchange for your brilliance, you will be anointed the title of “Member of Letter” of The Remarkable Fools Society. Reply to this email or leave a comment to let us know you want us to know that you are in the interest of being interested.

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One Derful Thing

One Derful Thing

What? It’s a game. A weird game. With a weird name. The name’s a bit of a stretch too. And. It’s something a bit out of the ordinary to connect us to ourselves and the others in a different way.

The game is better when you play it with other people Share it. The more the messier.


Spend the day pretending to be a tree. Whenever you can. Walk. Stop. Stand still and tall. If anyone catches your eye tell them this:

Ask me if I’m a tree

When they ask you pause before you reply:


And walk away.

How many people can you get to ask you if you’re a tree?