Baby bounce back!


Play this song:



Sing the words ‘baby bounce back’ to the tune above.

You life is now better.

You are welcome.

I’m guessing that you think that this is a bit of a foolish post.

It’s linked to yesterday.

Yesterday, were talking about following mistakes.


If we follow them, they have a chance to lead us to a place we might not have imagined initially.

I’ve been watching a fair bit of basketball lately. My favourite players aren’t the three point shooters, stellar defenders or dominant dunkers.

Me? I love the rebounders.

Rebounders are gritty guys like the Postman - Karl Malone. He could box out and block like nobody’s business. Charles Oakley? He had elbows more fearsome than Gordie Howe. When I played basketball? I loved the gritty game of rebounding.

The top rebounders are the Remarkable Fools of basketball.

They know that people are not perfect.

As such, they anticipate mistakes and are ready to pounce.

They help their team bounce back from painful misses.

Basketball is a finite game.

It’s played for a short period of time. One team wins.

In life, we’re part of an infinite game.

We’re get more shots than we think.

We’re going to miss more than we sink.

So, it’s not a matter of failure, making mistakes or getting it wrong.

Success depends upon rebounding.

One Derful Thing

Of course…

The mark of an ordinary fool is to expect that plans go smoothly, devices work and people don’t screw up or let us down.

Remarkable Fools?

We know that people aren’t perfect.

We have a deep understanding that things go wrong, shit breaks and Murphy’s Law rules the day.

Remarkable Fools don’t waste their time getting shocked by the ineptness of humanity. Traffic jam because someone didn’t read the height restrictions on the overpass? Of course!


If you find yourself ever using some variation of the phrase: Is it too much to expect people to _____________?

Let me answer that question quickly for ya: YES.

Instead, when you encounter a problem today while under pressure, lower the bar of your expectations. Try saying this:


Let me know what happens…

that creates obsticles for them.

Of course!