pulling off bandages

How do you do it?

Yesterday I talked about the boy who ran in flip-flops.

He skinned his knee.

It was bandaged to keep him from bleeding everywhere.

The bandages need to be changed.

They get gooey.

They have been bled through.

Changing them hurt.

He squirmed.

He screamed.

How would you like us to do this?

I don’t

Can you take them off yourself?
Will you take them off yourself?

I won’t.

Ok then, fast or slow?

How do you want the pain? Slow, sharp tugs at each arm hair to agonizingly attempt to minimize the pain? Or, one quick, dramatic event that gets the bandage gone.

Where do you struggle to ‘pull off the bandage’ in your life?

What wounds still need air?

What are covered forever?