Poker with a joker

On wild cards

Kings, Queens, Jacks - assigned roles, status and suits.

Bound by their labels.

The Joker? They can be anyone, any suit that suits them.

The Joker is adds randomness and chaos to a poker game.

I have a buddy. Dave.

Dave is not a joker. And he is.

He sees things. Opportunities that others miss.

When Dave is at his best, Dave doesn’t hesitate.

Sure Dave knows that there are risks.


When Dave decides to do something? When Dave commits? Dave goes full Dave.

When Dave goes full Dave, things happen.

Things that couldn’t be imagined one moment? The next minute, they happen.

People who can go Full Dave move mountains.

People who go Full Dave are wildcards.

two deuces and two threes?


Full house!

(or perhaps a Full Dave)

(i digress.)


to the people out there

with a big idea

where you see the a way forward that no one else can?

Go for it!

Go Full Dave.

Commit. Fully. Make. It. Happen.

You can. You have before. You can.

And? If you see someone attempting to Go Full Dave and you’re worried about them? Thank you for your concern.

Now please,

Step aside.


Another bit on the reMarkable device

No, I’m not earning anything from the makers of the reMarkable2. I just love this thing.


No, the Remarkable Foolsletter and the reMarkable tablet? That’s just a coincidence. A nice one, and a coincidence.

The Remarkable Foolsletter emerged out of The Marketing Seminar - it’s an Akimbo workshop. Seth Godin is the face and the vision behind the seminar. There, I was introduced to Word Glue by Louise Karch.

Word Glue is a book about naming. The entire experience of purchasing this book was delightful. I can’t rave about it enough. It cost a hundred dollars. I read it for 45 minutes. I put some of her exercises into practice then boom. There’s the name. In under two hours. Word Glue is worth ten times its price in time saved and peace of mind.

So. All of these posts? I’m writing them as a draft on my reMarkable2 tablet.

What is it?

Check out my post from yesterday to find out about what it doesn’t do. If you want to find out more about this really neat thing. It’s a notebook of infinite pages. Keeping digital notes this way ensues that my ideas all end up in a place that I can find them.

And the pen is so good to write with. What’s more? It converts my chicken scratch to text. Readable, copy able, searchable text. Indexed creativity.

Want to know more?

Ask me anything about my experience with this reMarkable device.

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One Derful Thing

Today notice the colour red. Anywhere you look, notice the red.

Notice the red?

Yes. Notice the colour red.

Pay attention to it.

Next. Pretend that you are red. Fully red. Not a person. Just red

That’s weird.

Yes. And? Pretend that you’re red.

Ok. I’m red.

Great. Now that you know that you’re red, you’re going to want to let people know.

Anyone you talk to today, tell them that you’re red.

When they start to back away, tell them to ask you what shade of red, tell them this:

You’re well red.

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