Pickin' Zitz

What stops you


Blocked hair follicles.

Hours of fun?

I’ve been squeezing my zits for over thirty year.

Apparently, this is something that I shouldn’t do.


From what I’ve seen, popping pimples is fun. Satisfying to many. A bonding activity for others. An obsession for some.

I shouldn’t pop my pimples.

They typically pop once and I leave them alone.

Occasionally, I’ll have one that recurs for years and shows up like an old friend - I’m looking at you Mr. Shoulder Blackhead. Others are great discoveries - like a hidden treasure in a brow that produces way more than I imagined it would.

Over the years though, I’ve had a few that didn’t heal properly. I wasn’t just foolish with them. I was an idiot. Compelled by the drive for one more little explosion. One little pop, I have over squeezed a few things in my life. Stopping required discipline, distraction and ignorance. I had to ignore the problem long enough for it not to be a problem.


The healing of these over squeezed zits took way longer than I thought.

In your life, what are your pimples? What are your less desirable ‘spots’?

What’s infected?

What needs a professional like Dr. Pimple Popper?

What spots do you need to ignore for a while to get to heal?

Have you tried to ignore some problems hoping they would go away only to find they lingered longer than you thought they might? How could you speed up the process?

One Derful Thing

In the spirit of comedy and of squeezing things, I’m borrowing a bit from some other comics about squeezing things.

When you are on a Zoom call, or out in public, recall this sketch:

Take the opportunity to do this.

Crush the heads of others.

See if anyone notices.

If they do?

Crush them.