perfecting the peach tree

comes at a cost

Last year we planted a peach tree.

This year, we have peaches.

Too many it seems.

The tree is struggling under the weight of them.

I’ve been told, that with peaches, it’s best to pinch off some of the blossoms in the spring so the tree can focus on producing a few good peaches.

With too many peaches, the tree strains, gets weighted down and tries to feed them all.

Fewer peaches on the tree mean a happier tree and sweeter peaches at harvest time.

With the blossoms looking so delicate and beautiful, which to keep and which to lose?

How do you make that kind of decision?

What are some of the blossoms you pinched early in the spring in order to ensure more sweetness at harvest time?

One Derful Thing.

It’s summer.

Stop and smell the flowers.

No really.

When you find some flowers on you daily walk, stop and smell them.

Every time.

Does this slow you down?

If so, is it worth it?