paving stones on the road to hell

(the wiz is a jerk)

The road to hell is paved with yellow bricks

Heavens across the river Styx.

Dorthy was having a bad day.

She awoke to find the place she lived and the people she loved were all gone. All she had was a very small, very dependent, yappy little dog.

What’s worse? Her house seemed to have crushed a woman. A woman with great, ruby shoes.

Fuck it, thought Dorthy, she won’t be needing these…

Dorthy stole the dead lady’s shoes.

Not long after this, Dorthy became surrounded by little people.

They weren’t physically little.

They lacked courage, charisma, a capacity for risk, did not have integrated shadows and, generally tried to keep safe above all else.

And yet?

Their fear and shame cause them to imagine that they were bigger, more important and way more special than they actually were.

As such these ‘munchkins’ lived life acting, petty, accusatory, fearful and small. These munchkins sent Dorthy to see some wizard. They told her he’d know what to do with a lost girl in pretty shoes. He was a kindly man who could make everything great. Dorthy got the impression he was wealthy too. Perhaps he’d look after her.

These little people sent Dorthy down the road to the wizard. It was paved with yellow bricks made with all of the good intentions that the world could muster. The yellow didn’t come from gold. It was from the phosphorus. From the phosphorus in the pee that was used to make the bricks. The yellow brick road? It was more of a piss path.

A piss path of good intentions leads to flaky bricks. The ‘paved’ road? It was rutted, rough and wreaked of ammonia.

What’s worse? Along the way Dorthy met a lion. They hit it off for a while. He was too cowardly to either love Dorthy or be loved. He got the boot as a travelling companion.

Next? She met a scarecrow. This dude? he was an impulsive playful idiot. Though fun at first, he was infuriating. He couldn’t get his shit together and left a mess of hay everywhere.

And then? Then she met a tin man. He was a cold, heartless bastard. Dorthy tried and tried, but he was too hurt. Too armoured. There was no way he would love.

This yellow brick road brings me to all of the best places, Dorthy mused sarcastically.

I wonder what’s next?

Finally she made it to the wizard.

He took care her until she became ‘too’ for him.

Too sensitive

Too demanding

Too much work

Too old

That ‘wizard’?

He wasn’t an wizard at all.

He was a sociopath with really great PR.

He dropped a house on her.

And let his new lover steal her shoes.

One Derful Thing


Set up your workspace as it would be if this was one of your favourite shows or films. Make it a bit of a ‘set’ for you.


Own that space.

If you’re pretending that your desk is the grill from Bob’s Burgers?

Make burger puns and pretend to flip some beef every now and then.

If your chair is ‘The Iron Throne’, how would you rule The Seven Kingdoms?

Have fun with this.

Should you wish to contact me about this?

Make it so number one.