Part the sixth

How to cook a kitten

This kitten?

Humans are always around.

Need to sneak.

Kitten knows sneaky.

Me? Less.

Less sneak.

The solution?


To trap first get:

1 big rubber boot

1 foot sized dead fish (small foot) [more small than boot]

1 wad of bubble gum (smaller than fish) [bigger than small]

1 axe

Stuff bubble gum in boot

(use snout to push down deep into toe)

Put fish in gum in boot

f(ishy-gumboot - nota)dance

Wait for kitten.

Secure kitten.

remove kitten part in boot

(use axe)

Discard booty part.

Serve remainder with a port reduction.

One Derful Thing

This is a classic that may be too early to bring back.

You’ve got something on your shirt.

Do that game.

Where you go up to someone and point at their shirt and get them to look down. Once they do, you bop their nose with your finger.

There is no ethical or appropriate way to do this in the regular world.

This is a total transgression of social norms.

In times of a pandemic? Perhaps ill advised.


How can you still?


With whom?

What would it be like to do this?

What are the relative ethics of ‘got something on your shirt’? in a post pandemic society? Let me know in the comments…

Hidden track.

Like in the 90’s

that really long last song with a hidden gem at the end.

I hit the return key like a whole bunch of times to get here and when I typed it on my screen it left a BIG SPACE

So as to create the the illusion of the old 90’s hidden track thingie.

Here’s one right meow:

Don’t rock the boat?

Nope: Rock the boat. Don’t tip the boat over.

Something to do today. Rock the boat.