Part the seventh

How to cook a kitten

This time get kit

Buy from Amce co.

Purchase basket, roller skate and large magnet.

Place kitten in basket.

Place basket on roller skate.

Oh! Go and purchase a large piece of metal

Place large piece of metal in basket.

Take care not to bruise the meat.

Use large magnet to pull kitten in front of city bus.

Take care not to go self in front of bus.

Get kitten hit by bus.

Place remainders in yo-nannas.

Grind until smooth.

Serve with under seat gum.

And a smattering of desperation.

One Derful Thing

We’re starting to sprout plants here.

There are little seeds, saved in little brown envelopes, soaking, sprouting and rooting in little lumps.


Imagine that you’re a seed. Spend the day becoming familiar with ‘the soil’ around you. What is nurturing? How does the soil hold you? What are you just bursting to do?

Tonight, after reading this, sleep as a seed.

Tomorrow? Arise as a plant.

Is there something in the soil where you are?

Let me know.

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