Part the Neweth

The ongoing story of how to Cook a Kitten

We here now and again?

why he write?

why you read?

perhaps joke comes

perhaps food

kitten delicious in eyes




in oven pie.

Speak the words

Joke will come.




Hungry I am


So delicious.

So close to oven

The humans no hungry

BBQ Kitten pie?

Not meow.

One Derful Thing

It’s time to give the gift of nothing.

No holiday.

No manufactured greeting card celebrations.

No donations.


Find someone.

Someone you know.

Who knows you.

That helps the process.

Create for them, in their presence a mimed present - there’s a box a ribbon - the works. Hand it to them. Tell them to open it.

When they look at you like you have a monkey’s butt as a face?

Take it from them open it yourself then demonstrate through the power of foolishly bad mime - remarkably so - demonstrate the wonderful gift that you have given them.

Before they attempt to have you placed in chemical handcuffs, insist they give you the gift they bought for you. When they look more stunned than a turnip at a garage sale, go behind them and mime take it from them. Open it and enjoy.

Continue to insist and play both sides of the game until they get it.