Part the 5th

How to cook a kitten

It’s like it doesn’t know

At all

Delicious is it?

I think?

Do I lunge?

Do I wait?

It grows big with more food.

I eat it? Yes.

Then It food I eat.

And yet, here I sit. A good boy.

Next week?

Impulse control is hard.


One Derful Thing

We’re going to continue to travel in the direction of Awk today.

There is a daily reader of this newsletter that I know has the ability to write very well with his wrong hand.

Even better? He can do this backwards. And? If pressed, with a fish pen, on a subway.

It’ quite a talent.

I’ve tried doing things with the wrong hand. I find it awkward.

So this is a simple one. Do things with the wrong hand today.

How awkward was it?

Let me know by replying to this message.