parking lots of despair

I'm trying to understand something here

Close parkers.

I don’t get it.

Not the people with the accessibility plates that permit them to park in the special blue paint.

I’m talking about the spot vultures - the people who circle four, five, six or more times to find a spot at the grocery store closer to the door.

See, I’m not a close parker. I’m a far parker.

I like to park as far away as I can, yet still be close, but not next to, the buggy return corals.

In the time that I can park and walk into the grocery store, I watch people circle three times.

I see others edge out of narrow spots, hesitating, pumping their breaks as people like me walk directly behind them with little regard for their blood pressure.

I see people wait, far too close for someone to back out, making the whole thing more difficult.

The person whose in the spot they want goes to back up. They can’t get out because the person who wants the spot is too close. So they start backing up. Then they have to stop because if not they’ll squish a three year old.

It’s so inconvenient.

And for what?

To reduce the walk to the car?

We end up spending the bulk of our grocery store walk time IN THE STORE REGARDLESS OF WHERE WE PARK.


What the heck is this about?

As a far parker, I don’t yet have the capacity to have empathy with the close parkers.

Any close parkers out there?

Help me out.

Close parker or not, comment below and let me know why people insist on stacking their cars one on top of the other in the grocery store parking lot.