Onederful Thing

Episode the second




That’s an acronym right?

It stands for Daily Random Experiments in the Wild

Daily because I’m going to come up with nutty stuff like this daily. And, so I don’t run out of idears, please share some yourself in the comments.

Random because they arrive in the world without rhyme or reason

Experiments because we don’t know what we’re looking for

Wild because these aren’t just thoughts. These are ways to play with our lizard brain and expand the range of what’s possible.

And we’re doing this learning at an embodied level. With a spirit of curiosity and fun.

This isn’t a push.

It’s an invitation to dance.

So, today’s invitation:

Count your steps.

To yourself.

In your head.

Every time you engage with someone, think to yourself, I’ve had _____ steps to this point, do they need to know this fact yet?

Eventually, they might.

Comment below on something you discovered.