Onederful Thing

Episode the first

Oh boy,

This is the meat of it.

The fleshy part of what I want to do in the world.

I’ve given people a few sniffs of what I was on about.

Now? I’m going to put these ideas into the wild.

Here’s the thing. I love to play. I love to be silly. I love when in the middle of a mundane day, I encounter something a little bit odd, playful, useless and just non sensical. These things are regularly the most fun.

Take surfing for example. What a silly thing to do. Especially here. Where I do it. In the icy North Atlantic. This makes no sense at all. Completely ridiculous. And yet, surfing addiction has ended many otherwise strong relationships, promising careers and having the ability to live an otherwise well rounded life.

So. Let’s delight together in the delightful, the onederful aspects of being alive.

So each day, I’ll suggest one derful thing that you can do. For yourself. Just as an experiment. To see what comes up.


I’ll start by setting the bar a bit low. Find opportunities to use the word ‘meow’ in conversation without people knowing that you said ‘meow’.

Report back how it went in the comments.

Check back tomorrow for a new suggestion of one derful thing that you can do to. You know? Make a little joke for yourself. Disrupt the boredom. Find a way to keep engaged. Just because it’s a bit fun and fun makes the ordinary a little less meh…

It’s a pandemic. What else are ya going to do?