One way back

is all in the timing

A friend was low


We went out walking

They were going




down down down down nwod

I followed

Until they cracked

They cracked

A joke.

Their joke

Their humour

Their pleasure.

I followed



Their joke

Their humour

Their joy

Their love


I’d like to say it brought us home.

It didn’t.

We ended up someplace else. Better? Perhaps

And? Definitely not down.

One Derful Thing

You might

At this point notice a pattern.

Fire, Air…

That leaves earth and water.


We’re going to play with being earth.

For a start?

Imagine that you’re a rock.

Hold your breath.

Get hard and still.

Pretend to be a rock.

Try this through the day.

When is it great to be a rock?

What’s terrible about it?

Do you roll?

And Rock or the other way around?

I digger-y-doo believe that was a terrible joke.

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