On writers block

Overwhelmed by ideas

The confused mind says ‘no’.

I have a problem.

I let a bunch of ideas build up.

I took notes. Lots of them.

Now, as I return to them, they all seem terrible.

They all seem not good enough to share.

I’ve come to believe a couple of things about writers block.


It’s not up to me whether an idea or piece of writing is worthy of being read.

That’s up to you.


In deciding whether or not something is worthy of being read, I’m working too hard.

Writers block then, is for people who think they know better than their audience and are working too hard.

As such, writers block, and other ‘blocks’ to creativity are not blocks at all.

They are expressions of arrogance and of insecurity.

So, there ya have it.

Before coming up with this, I was arrogant and insecure.

I’m certain this will happen again soon.