On the tradition of feces in personal growth / therapy

Some musings on the profession.

For Freud it was a question of in or out - retentive or explosive.

For Fritz Perls? A former student of Freud and the founder of Gestalt psychotherapy, it was more a question of origin. Where did it come from? From what creature?

Was it a chicken? If so, not a problem really. Though greasy, stinky and rancid while fresh this delight washes away easily in the rain.

This of course was contrasted by Fritz with that of an elephant. Overwhelming. All encompassing. Life altering. Alienating in both mass and stench. These digestive leftovers insist on being addressed.

I have established my own theories of human excrement.

It is related to the wisdom I have discovered in grocery stores.

Grocery stores are where a lot of excrement comes from

Or they are filled with things that are pre-poo - restaurants specialize in the ornate delivery of pre-poo substances.

Regardless. People walk around grocery stores, they spend their time there picking up shit. At the check out they put their stuff on the belt. If they’re smart, they look around and blammo, down goes the shit separator.

That thing is magic. I’ve got dry salami. You’ve got chickpeas. I don’t wanna eat your shit. You don’t wanna eat my shit. You’ve got kale chips? Mine are kettle cooked. Again. We don’t want to eat each others shit. We don’t want to pay for it. We don’t want to take it home.

In the grocery store it’s clear. My shit your shit.

In life and relationships? It’s rarely that cut and dry. Relationships can be more like going into a grocery store staffed entirely by angry flying Wizard of Oz monkeys. Shit’s flying everywhere and no one knows what belongs to who.

People start improvising with it. Life turns into a giant game of ‘whose shit is it anyway’

And we all just wander around thinking that this Wizard of Oz monkey staffed grocery store is normal. We miss the monkeys.

We miss the monkeys because we’re the monkeys and we don’t know it.

We believe everything is normal.

So, it pays to every once in a while stop for a moment and examine the shit in our carts so we can determine if this is something we want to pay for, bring home and eat or, if this should travel with someone else.

Onederful Thing

Today notice the air.

Notice it as you inhale,

Notice it as you exhale.

Make it move.

Find some that’s moving.

Move through it.

Experience the air.

Imagine that you are air.

Imagine and act as though you are as light as air.

What can you learn from bringing this light presence to your day?