On the occasion of the 99th Foolsletter

Hockey and Canadiana all the way through this one

It seems that 100 is a number to celebrate.

Instead? Here we’re going to celebrate post number 99.

As a Canadian, #99 captured my imagination as a young child.

I loved his skill set. I love that he broke all the records.

I loved his flowing blonde locks

I loved the GWG advertisements.

(do you see what I see? YUP -LOTSA BUMS!)

I was there when they brought him into the hall.

Well - you could see the lights from our flat at Queen and George.

You could hear the hubbub over the screeching accusations of the Yelling Man of Moss Park.

This was before the cranes. Before the condos.

There was a theatre there.

Back when there was Goodwill east of Younge…

But before the Great one, I would like to take a movement to commemorate that flat.

Over a thousand square feet for eight hundred dollars a month. Thanks to Lu Gin. It was his flat. He was moving on. In order to get it? We were his movers.

From the flat we could see people crapping in the alley to the south. To the north? The golden glow of the neon sign advertising Fillmore’s Lounge glowing invitingly in the distance.

That flat?
That was where we put make up on clowns to prepare for the closing of Maple Leaf Gardens.
That flat was where I got my clown shoes.

This year?

November 22, 1999

99 was inducted in 99.

He was the great one.

This post?

I had hoped it would be a great one.


It’s just #99.

Wayne was a hell of a player

And a really shit hockey coach.

(his politics are pretty crap too)

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Remarkably Foolish Playlist

This one was a fun one to do. Everything here is somehow associated with hockey and or Wayne Gretzky in some way. I had to include Jay-z’s 99 problems because it has 99 in the title. If you don’t like this song, I feel bad for you son. I’ve got 99 problems and your sense of being offended ain’t one…

Remarkably Foolish Video of the Week

As a long time volunteer minor hockey coach I get the opportunity to see a lot of foolishness on ice. We coaches frequently have our laughter so the players don’t get offended.

Here’s 10 minutes of children falling down:

One Derful Thing

Hockey is loud

Hockey rinks are loud.

Hockey music?

It’s best played loud.



They are fun.

Today, find someone to engage in a game of ‘Hockey Whispering’

This is kinda like yesterday where we were performing a silent scream on our Zoom calls.


Find some people to Hockey whisper with.

Pretend that you don’t want to be heard when you really want to draw attention to yourself.

Does this make sense?

Whisper, which indicates secrecy.

And do it so loudly that everyone around you hears.

Get other people to join you.

How does that change the room?