On the importance of spontaneous, outrageous, absurd, meaningless, ridiculous, fun.

Enter Snappy

Imagine this

It had been a tough go of things

Stress at work. Stress at home. Stress going everywhere

Stress stress stress stress stress.

I was bound, wound and ready to be underground.

Things were dire.

I phoned Snappy.

Stress stress stress stress stress.


Ok. I’ll be right over.

It was time for antics.

My attempts at pleading misery were met with a beer and a gut punch.

Dude, I don’t know what the hell that I’m doing, I just get this shitty feeling like I’m doing everything wrong.

You, If I know you at all? You likely are.


Look at you, you’ve really tried to arse up most of your life. And still even you survive. You’re like a cat. No matter what life chucks at ya, ya manage to have the weirdest looking butt hole imaginable.

That doesn’t make sense Snappy

There’s your truth bud. Neither do you.

Snappy is an asshole. Everyone needs to listen to their asshole every now and then. In times of stress? Snappy sometimes gets snappy. Whatareyagoingtodo? Add to the stress by snapping back? Or does the little asshole need a hug.

Me? I’m thinking hug.

One Derful Thing

Pretend that you have the power to summon hand grenades.

Clutch them.

Pull the pin out with your teeth.

Chuck the grenade at things that annoy you.

Someone just hit Replay all to an email?

You know what to do.

How many things will you blow up today?