on kissing frogs

who the hell do you think you are anyway?

Once upon a time there was a young prince.

He loved kissing frogs.

He always hoped that they would become something other than a frog.

Change for me he would implore everything he kissed.

What happened to him?

The obvious joke?


This is a myth.

That didn’t happen.

Instead? He just go used to kissing cold things that were never really pleasing.

And the whole time? He was hoping for something better. He was hoping that the magic of his silky lips would transform the frog into a beautiful Megan Markel.

Arrogant bastard.

Are his kisses really that great that frogs are going to change just for him?

He didn’t realize that he wasn’t much of a prince either.

He spent so much time trying to turn frogs into princesses he didn’t notice his buggy eyes, webbed feet and love of eating flies.

The jerk was a frog as well.

One Derful Thing

The magical lasso

Wonder Woman is an amazing super hero.

Invisible jet, cool wrist bands and most importantly?

She has a magical lasso.

You can have one too.

Pretend to throw a magical rope around people who walk by.

See if you can catch them.

Mime pulling them back.

Do any notice?

Do any change direction?

Does you magical lasso have any real impact?

Where else in life are you attempting to influence the actions of others with the equivalent of a magical lasso?