on dishwasher spacial dynamics

and familial harmony

If you’re reading this there’s a very good chance that you have a dishwasher in you life.

Either a machine, a partner, child or, perhaps, yourself.

I love my dishwasher.

No, I’m not talking about my wife.

I love the machine that sits in my kitchen.

Different people have different approaches to using such wonderful tech.

Some still labour under the delusion that hand washing is more efficient and better for the earth than dishwashers.

Others was pots in the sink and only put dishes in them.

Then there are the jammers.

Not musicians.

Jammers, who jam everything they can in to optimize the space as best they can.

Jammers appear to love to argue about the best way to load the darn thing.


I’m into saving time.

I believe that literacy is the result of this mechanism of mundane chores.

I’m not alone in this belief.

I’m also into having clean counters and making sure I have capacity for the next meal from our family.

As such, I frequently run the machine at about 3/4 capacity.

The dishes come out better.

It’s still super efficient.


With the time saved on dishwashing, I have room for more foolsletter writing.

That brings me to two questions - one practical, one less.

  1. How do you load your dishwasher? If you don’t have one, what’s your process for keeping your kitchen clean?

  2. How, in life do you keep your kitchen clean?

  3. Bonus question because apparently, counting is difficult: What, on a metaphoric level is a ‘kitchen’ to you?

Much love,