On directions

General and specific and fuelled by love

This newsletter has entered week the fifth.

Actually, it’s more like we’ve meandered our way here.

Moving in a general direction.


Some of this meandering is going to end up as a book.

With ‘a book’ as a specific destination.


Over a specific time period, six months, as part of a writers workshop

I can imagine that some of these newsletters may become more focused.

Others more drawn out.

And I’m reminded of touring rural northern California back in 1998. She greeted us as we pulled up to town. After informing us that this was a dry town and alcohol was not allowed, she presented us with a big paper Safeway bag filled to the brim with dank Humbolt skunk. She told us to take what we needed and give the rest back. (right?)

So, dear reader, please continue on with me. You are part of this journey. I love having you here. I love to know what works what doesn’t. Unfortunately, this isn’t a buffet and I can’t see that the Pineapple Ham wasn’t the hit that I had hoped.

So. If you stick around a bit, let me know the kinds of things that resonate with you. What sticks? What gives you sensations / feelings? What makes you pause or smile - if at all.

Let me know because I’m doing this for you.


If you know others who might delight in this kind of unfolding?

Please share it with them. We’re better together.

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One Derful Thing

You might want to bookmark this and save it for a day where your energy is low.


If you’re feeling that super up happy where everything is scattered?

This one might help you focus.

Either way.

Your day is a buffet.

Take what you need.

Leave the rest.

Have too much on your plate?

You eating all of that or are you going to try to scrape it off somewhere?

Or, will those sad crab legs go fester between two plastic bus bins in the sweltering heat of a dishwasher for the next six hours unnoticed…

How can you fill your plate today where you take what you need, you do what’s necessary and you leave the rest?

If so, whatcha leaving behind?

Respond, or comment and let me know.

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