On belief

And believing

Oh dear. This should have been about how to cook a kitten.

I believe that I should keep that going as a Monday thing. (edit: I did but kept it here as it seemed to suit the post)

Perhaps I’ll respond to that belief and post this on Tuesday and the kitten on Monday.

How did I settle on Monday for the kitten bit?

It started with a photo that I justified with a funny thing.


I have a 6 month, once a week story arc that moves with the same sense of purpose as a cats days.


No purpose at all.

Oh dear. What’s the purpose of a human life?

What’s it for?


I’m not convinced by this post.

I don’t necessarily believe in it.

I’m not a big fan of belief.

Not one ity bitty bit.

Especially when the belief comes with a ‘should’.

Typical phrase?

I can’t believe _____ because it should be different.

This is a place that’s a lot like Sowantittonotbe

I remember back in college, there was this crazy guy.

He used to pee on people’s feet when he was talking to them.


The people with the piss covered feet?

They’d be all haughtily and insulted and shocked: I can’t believe that happened.

It happened. Your feet are wet and you stink like piss. What’s not to believe.

Why am I telling this story?

It was funny.

Moreover: He did this time after time without people noticing.

Again, it was funny. Not for the people being pissed on.

But for the rest of us?


Every time.

And. Pee is clean. You can distill and drink it if you have to.

Like you’d have to if you were caught in a coal mine.

And the feet he peed on would never be found in a coal mine.

He mostly peed on trust fund feet.

Mostly? Moistly.

He was Robin Hood of the loo.

I digress.

Reality does not care about what you believe.

If you argue with reality, you might as well be standing in the middle of a university quad with wet, pissy shoe arguing that you feet shouldn’t be wet and pissy.

One Derful Thing

It is what it is.

Say that as many times as you can today: It is what it is.

Notice where that’s easy.

That’s a cabbage. It is what it is.

My toothbrush is old. It is what it is.

I’m in traffic. There are a lot of people all trying to get to the same place, it is what it is.

Notice where saying it is what it is, might be more difficult.

Who comes to mind?

It is what it is…