Oh Yeah!

Chicka chick-ahhhh Hairy Tortoise

Once upon a time there was a hare.

This funny bunny?

They were living every day as if it were their last.

This funny bunny?

Went for it.

All of the time.

No stone unturned and no turn unstoned.

The hare was a self righteous pain in the ass.

They were looking to live without regrets.

They surrounded themselves with other self important lagomorphs.

(that’s my expensive word of the day - feel free to look it up and annoy people with it later)

No one liked them.

Then there was this tortoise.

This creature?

It lived with the utmost of curiosity.

As though every day was its first.

Frigging thing would stop to count the fluff on a dandelion.

Stupid tortoise never got anywhere.

No one liked them either.

What do ya do?

One Derful Thing

This song is in a commercial lately. It makes my son laugh out loud. We chuckled for quite a while together while listening to it. We may have played it more than once. Laughing like that feels good.

Listen to this song. Incorporate it however you can in the day. Whether you walk around with the bass line running along in your head, or, you throw in a little ‘chick-a-chick-a’ every now and then, finding a way to incorporate the song ‘Oh Yeah’ into your day will only improve it.

Perhaps when every you need to agree you say ‘oh yeah’ like they do on the song.