Oh what foolishness

Our strengths make us weak

No this is not double speak.

It was middle watch and we were under way, motoring up the intercoastal waterway at a persistent nine knots.

The inter coastal waterway is a 4800 Km waterway that runs from Gloucester Massachusetts along the Atlantic Coast of the US to Brownsville Texas on the Gulf of Mexico.

I can’t remember where we were. Florida? Georgia?


Wet. With Valkyrie like mosquitoes.

And supermarkets with sweaty cheese.

Skipper Bill was on the helm

Rob was in the chart house looking at our rout through this narrow, foggy canal.

Skipper Bill and Rob were engage in a heated discussion about which navigational markers that were out there in front of us.

Rob, Betty and myself all agreed the light on the marker flashed for four seconds and with the spotlights and binoculars it clearly read “64B”

This was significant as according to our handy-dandy nautical chart, “64B” indicated a sandbar with about 2 feet of water. Two feet of water was not enough to float our boat.

Skipper Bill? Well. A couple of things about Skipper Bill. He’s stubborn. But?

He’s a stubborn fool who doesn’t believe he’s aging. He doesn’t believe he needs glasses.

His stubborness, his tenacity? A great quality. It led him around the world.

But on this night, it was a remarkable weakness as well.

Skipper Bill owned the boat. Skipper Bill was Skipper Bill so bifocals be damned!

We were going to keep that green flashing light hard to Starboard even if it killed us.


It nearly did.

Take aways?

1: Your greatest strength? Likely pretty damn foolish by times.

2: Your greatest perceived shortcomings? Likely some silly superpower there that you don’t really want.

It’s vital that we don’t end up like Skipper Bill.

He was bound by vanity and held fast by his persistence.

He didn’t know when to quit.

We laughed at Skipper Bill a lot.

We might have respected him if he could have done the same.

One Derful Thing

Forward to go back.

One of the most important principle of movement is that of moving forward to go backward.

In baseball? The wind up then the pitch.

We wind ourselves up in lots of ways.

We get wound up too.

Eventually the energy gets released and we move on.

Check out this Bugs Bunny video.

It’s really long. You don’t need to watch it all.

The part you need to see? Tiny.

Watch as just after the beginning of the clip Bugs moves in the direction opposite to where his focus should land.

(I’m working something out here people)

So today?

Physicalize and exaggerate moving backwards before moving forwards.

How is this also true of how you exist metaphorically?

Are there projects that you could get a bit more momentum with if you simply stepped back for a moment before moving forward?

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