My Nanny's Teeth

were made by my Uncle Bobby

Across the street

From where my other granddad had the taxi stand.

And my Nanny’s teeth?

She leaves them places.

Those teeth of hers.

I’ve found them

Between sofa cushions

And in the candy dish.

She’s just two weeks shy of ninety.

Still running the roads with her friends.

I don’t have a lot of big epic stories to tell about my Nanny.

I haven’t had thirty years of mythologizing her.


We’ve shared


And tea

And that


Fine by me.

Remarkably Foolish Business Idea

More from the ocean

I’ve cycled through MANY different ideas of things to do for work.

Vertical ocean farming? Sure. for a moment, I considered finding a way to do this work.

It’s remarkable and will help heal the planet.

In fact, regenerative ocean farming could help transform society.

So, who’s up for a seaweed salad?

This organization is all about regenerative ocean farming.

There’s even a tool kit to get started.

Changing what people eat?

Helping make a big positive impact for the planet while earning a living?

Preposterous. Foolish. Remarkable.

That’s a remarkably foolish venture.

Get to work.

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One Derful Thing

The fight.

If you’re late.

Or even if you aren’t.

Upon arrival. Tell them you encountered a fist fight.

Make up the dialogue.


Instead of telling?

Act out the story.

Demonstrate both sides - the person who was doing the hitting. And the person being hit.

How exaggerated can you get?


What excuse do you make for telling such a tall tale?

Notice the sensations you feel as you wriggle out of the story.

What stories do you tell yourself about telling this kind of lie?

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let me know how it goes.

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