My Granddad's Rolex

things built to last

I’ve been looking at watches lately. Automatic watches.

There’s something about the fact that all you have to do is wear it and keep moving that it gets energy from you that I think is amazing.







like my granddad.

My Granddad bought things that were made to last.

He was a woodcutter. He delivered oil with an oil truck. He also had an appetite for things built to last.

In the early 60’s he bought a Rolex. Oh boy could you imagine the pride he had of owning such a wonder.

He wore that thing for twenty years.

One day while cutting wood, he lost his precious watch.

The next year, he was cutting in that area again.


There it was. His Rolex. Dangling, from a little twig of a tree.

He put it on, gave it a shake, set the time and it was good to go.

My uncle wears it to this very day.

Very good to know Jim. What’s your point?

Plastic junk gets thrown away.

Things that are well made? Things built to last?

They collect stories.

What do you want to leave behind?

Cold Raw Fish

In the Marketing Seminar we discussed how sushi is just cold raw fish with a good story around it.

If you had told my granddad in 1989 that all of his grandchidren would happily pay a premium price for cold raw fish? He’d likely shake his head and gently laugh, ‘Never say never,’ he’d chuckle.

With that in mind, who is going to be the person who makes eating insects as normal as sushi in North America?

I eat cricket powder every day in a smoothie. Apparently it is high in protein and easy on the earth.

So? Who of you will be the ‘Johnny Appleseed’ of eating bugs? Reply to this and let me know what you think.

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One Derful Thing

Spend more time


with the soft part of your eyes

let your attention fall

on the areas


at the edge

of your vision

Send me a message about what this was like…

And have One Derful Day.