My clown shoes are stolen

Hot Feet!

**My Clown Shoes Are Stolen**

Yes. You read that correctly

My clown shoes are stolen.

They were not stolen from me.

They were stolen by me.

My clown shoes are stolen

And I'm the thief.

Though a crime of convenience, this was theft nonetheless.

It was over 20 years ago.

I was touring.

In order to survive I had to sublet my place and leave a bunch of stuff stored there.

The guy who took it?

He damaged my things.

There were bags of garbage.

Old food.

Wet things



Yes. Gross.

Among the rubble I found these shoes:

Apparently they were designer.

Apparently they were expensive

Apparently they were expensive enough to make up for the damage deposit he didn't pay...

He asked me about them several times.

I lied to him.

I kept the shoes.

In fact, I'm wearing them right now.

Each time I put them on, I'm struck by how damn big his feet were.

SIZE 11!

Mine are 9.

That's a whole lotta shoe to fill

They always feel awkward, uncomfortable and a bit uncertain.

In them, I feel free to explore past the edges of what is typically acceptable and play with the social norms of a school.

By merely occupying uncomfortable footwear, I created conditions for myself to change my stride, go off balance and to walk a mile in someone else's shoes.

Have you ever spent time in the shoes of another?

Not empathy. Real time wearing the footwear of some one else.

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**One Derful Thing**

The Agony of De Feat

This one might be super awkward to try with Rando Calrissian.

(don't just try to pull this off with some random stranger)

Enlist a friend, share the Foolsletter and invite them to play this one with you.

So for this one it's simple.

Walk a mile wearing a shoe belonging to someone else.

Where to find it?

Like I said add a friend.

Or go to Goodwill.

And find yourself some uncomfortable shoes.

Report back what you find.

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