Murder in process

It happened at sunset

The sky was pink. The harbour still. It was a rare windless autumn sunset.

Half a moon and one planet or another were present in the early evening sky.

There was still a lot of daylight left.

Much of it however was darkened by what was going on in the sky.

Hundreds of crows were flying past. All were headed to the sister house at the university on the basin.

They cross the harbour at the narrows.

They follow the shore.

They gather all around the university.

Thousands of crows.

Cawing endlessly.

What draws them there?

Is the food that great?

Are the views that wonderful?

Are their no other places to sleep?

They just keep coming.

This murder has happened for years.

They say that birds of a feather flock together.

Why on earth have these sky clowns decided on this place?

There are places like this in my life.

I just keep going back there.

Habits I don’t want anymore. Dreams that no longer make sense. Judgements of myself and others.

All these things come back from time to time.

Does this ever happen to you?

Do you judge yourself for them?

Do you hire an exterminator to make them go away?

Or, can you take a moment to get curious and marvel at the sound: