Moving wood

A riff on practising creativity

We now have a wood burning insert in our home. I have piles of wood. Maple, birch, oak and other assorted hardwoods are stashed all over the basement. I have piles of wood of different ages and dryness all over the yard. Each time I move each piece I’m filled with satisfaction.

The power of simple satisfaction

Most of what I do every day, I never really get to see the results of my work. I hear reports of changes from my clients. And my satisfaction in a job well done is most frequently second hand news. I feel such great comfort in the simple act of moving wood. I especially love new logs. They provide me an opportunity to cut, split, dry and then stack the wood.

The power of repetitive tasks

Working my woodpile requires me to repeat fairly mindless actions over and over again. I get into a rhythm of moving. It feels like a strange trance inducing dance for me. Somehow, I get lost in the simple act of walking back and forth with pieces of wood in my hands. I become present with the stars, the smells and the crisp night air. The pressure and detritus of my work falls away.

How do you do these things?

In your work every day, how does seeing the results of your work impact you? How do you experience satisfaction? Do you take time to ‘look on your work and call it good’? Do you have any repetitive tasks that you can zone out on? How do these actions impact your ability to deliver great service?

A repetitive task can be part of a practice. This Foolsletter is repetitive. This Foolsletter has become a daily practice in creativity.

Innovation and creativity in life, your career or with your business takes practice.

Creativity is as creative as moving wood.

Perspiration, not inspiration.

Get going.