Moving the woodpile

On the pleasure of concrete progress

Moving the woodpile

I started the day feeling stumped, stuck in a rut and marginally overwhelmed. Why? I’ve set some outrageous goals. I’m writing four books in two years. And doing this while sending daily content to all ya’ll. I am committed to sending this darn thing every day. It’s odd to think of not taking a break or finding some excuse to interrupt this streak. The notion of ‘ongoing’ can become overwhelming.


Ongoing is what living is all about. Ongoing is what parenting is all about. Perfection happens once something is complete. Your life is perfect once it is complete. It is complete once you’re dead. Stop trying to be perfect you suicidal mother fucker.

When it comes to life, parenting, writing, work and pretty much everything else, I’m simply foolish: Love sets the tone. Love is the way in and the way out.  and the way out is simply love. Love assumes good intentions. Love. Energy. Attention. Focus. Action. Love powers both the magical and mundane. 

And? The ongoing responsibility of parenting can be overwhelming. There are times, when struggling to find my ground. I have know idea what the heck I’m doing. I feel as though I’ve been cast into my lifelong fever dream. In this dream, I’m tasked with moving an entire beach a grain of sand at a time, using chopsticks. What’s worse? It’s really difficult to tell if and when I’m having an impact at all.

Every now and then, I need to see progress. Physical. Real. Material. Progress. I want to know that I’ve actually done something. It is easy for me to to kill a day taking wood from a pile right here:

Then making a whole new woodpile here:

So much satisfaction.

When we work with ephemeral things doing something concrete can be really rewarding.

What concrete tasks are a part of your life?

How do they keep you from losing your ground?

If moving a pile of wood was a metaphor, what pile are you moving?

One Derful Thing

Animal voices.

We talk to animals in our house.



What’s worse?

We also love to reply for them. Each of our pets has a unique and distinct voice as determined by each of us.

In our house each of us has a different idea of what our pets sound like. They all get ‘voiced’ differently by each of us.

With that in mind, I’m certain that everyone with a pet has their own ‘voice’ for how their pet sounds.

Now? Time to mess with the voices in other peoples heads.

Go to a place where humans and likely dogs are hanging out.

When you encounter someones dog, speak to it and reply as if you’re that dog. Create a voice for them.

Carry on a long delightful conversation with the dog. Play both sides. Have fun with your voice.

Where does this conversation take you?

What do you discuss?