and the royal dressage competition

For the most part people don’t die from being thought poorly of

You can not control what others think of you. Right now I’m thinking horrible, terrible, judgmental, mean and nasty things about you. I’m likely thinking these things long before you’ve read this. Did you feel it? Of course not.



If you would be so kind,

Explain to me the relative merits in attempting to control how others think of us.

Describe to me the benefits of worrying about and attempting to control how we are perceived by someone else.

You can’t.

Then don’t think like you think. They don’t believe what you believe.

The stories in their head?

It says something other than the one in yours.

Tell me again about how you are worried about what other people think.

One Derful Thing

Today pretend to be a small horse or pony.

You’ve been entered in the Royal Dressage competition.

As a pony, you are not the smartest of animals.

(though much smarter than that damn cat who always ends up running underfoot)

So. All you know about the Royal Dressage Competition is that you need to move your feet in funny ways and take fancy steps.


While there others around, find pleasure and delight in taking fancy steps and moving your feet in funny ways.

Notice the sensations in your body.

Can you convince someone else to join?