Mannequin Attack

Once you know the rules to the game you must play the game.

This is a story of pain and pleasure…

It’s not so much a story, but an invitation and a warning. and an invitation again.

Mannequin Attack.

Once upon a time in theatre school

Blue Lake


Creating daily. Masks. Characters. Comedy. Improvisations.

Performing weekly weekly.

Bits and pieces.

Playing constantly.

The game was always afoot.

The name of the game?

Mannequin Attack.

It could be triggered any time simply by saying its name.

Here are the rules.

A warning.

Once you are aware of the rules of the game you must abide by the rules of the game.

If you cannot commit to this agreement, please stop reading this now.

It’s not for you.

Still here?

Thanks for sticking around.

Here are the rules.

  1. Upon knowledge and awareness of the rules of the game, you must engage in the game.

  2. Whenever any person who is in the same vicinity as you says the name of the game, players must freeze immediately. You may not even move an arse hair. This means you can not speak. Moans, grunts and muffled attempts to call, lips sealed to people in the next room will be met with giggles of disapproval.

  3. If the name of the game is said twice within quick succession, players are to lie down wherever they are to the best of their abilities.

  4. Players become unfrozen when someone who has not played this round of the game - a ‘mover’ for lack of terminology - touches them or says their name out loud.

NOTES: While a double name saying at a Bank of America in 1998 is a special memory for me, this author suggest that perhaps times have changed and to please use your best judgement and play safe.
Name must not be said or rules described in a motor vehicle.

Game played in pub or party setting may be fantastic.

Please teach it to your board of directors.

Do Not overuse.


Tell everyone you can.

In my ideal world, I’ll be sitting at an airport bar on the other side of the world and some stranger comes by and whispers in my ear: Mannequin Attack.

My breath will go shallow. My pulse will quicken.

The game is on.

Do I say it a second time?

Mannequin Attack

If I every meet any of you in person I will play this game at least once.

I promise.

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One Derful Thing

Teach this game to someone today. Find a chance to play it.

Notice the sensations you experience as you wait to get unfrozen.

Where do your thoughts go as you wait to be saved.