Lost items

that every therapy client is looking for

Many of my clients come to me with really big problems.

One of the greatest problems they face is that they lack some of the objects they deem necessary in life.

Or perhaps they’re seeking a professional who has these items on hand. I unfortunately, as a remarkable fool, do not.

What follows is a short description of some of their missing items. Should you find any of them, please contact me and I will get them to their appropriate homes.

Magic wand

People seek magic wand professionals daily.

Phrases such as I just wish it was


If only he wasn’t


This shouldn’t be happening

Present problems with one possible solution.

A magic wand.

The only way to alter the reality of what is?

A magic wand


Perhaps try something else.

Try these phrases instead:

It is what it is

He is as he his

This is happening.

Really different.


For those who are still protesting what is?

I would like to either get them a magic want to change things


To refer them to a magic want professional


Telepathy - a how to guide

This is huge.

People actually expect people to read their minds.


It’s not how I would have done it…


I expected something different

Are the phrases of someone who is looking for a telepathic communicator.

Expecting people to read your fucking mind is almost insurmountably stupid.

This is a massive source of both personal and professional distress.

The solution?

Front end everything.

Make expectations clear.

Or, write the book on how to read minds.

I have a lot of people who would likely consider it their duty to read it too.

Time Machine

This is the saddest missing item of all. Not because I want David Tennent to reconnect with Catherine Tate. That would be great.

This is the saddest lost possession because it speaks of regret.

If only we could go back in time.

If only…

If only…

I should have…

I would have…

The despair of regret is so painful.

Can’t find a time machine to fix the past?

What then?

What’s next.

Remarkably Foolish Playlist of The Week

This one is about time machines and regrets.

A short one but really resonates with the last lost item.


Remarkably Foolish Video

Regular reader Heather sent this one along in response to Wednesdays post on bouncing back. It was so great I needed to share it here!

Check it out here. The restrictions on the video make it such that you need to click the link to see it.

It’s a really fun Pixar short.

One Derful Thing


Pretend that you have telepathy.

Every now and then, when you’re talking with someone make a face like telepathy hipster here:

Then ask the person you’re attempting to communicate with if they understood the message you were sending.

When they reply that they have not, shrug and tell them you’ll keep working on your telepathy skills.

What’s even better about this?

When you find yourself in a situation where people have expected telepathy, you can pull this face out and remind them that you’re still struggling to be able to read their mind.