Looking for easy street?

Drive a little further

There are at least five places where people drop children off at the local high school. Math is not my strong suit, so please don’t bother counting.

Some choose to drive on the streets past the busy intersection and deliver the goods directly in front of the school.

Others still dutifully pull into one of the two congested parking lots.

The craftier parents turn down a side street. There, they either stop near the four way on a street parallel to the schools street, or turn down at the four way and drop them at another corner in front of the school.

What’s the drive to school for? My guess is to make things easier. Easier to get people up in the morning. Easier than insisting that someone walk.

Easier for who?

It seems that a lot of people make it as easy as possible for their children and choose the annoyance of sitting in traffic. Though, it’s frequently easier to sit in traffic and resign yourself to a mindless line up than it is to consider another route.


Just beyond the easy streets, we found an empty one.

There, I dropped my daughter off a little bit beyond what was easy for her. It made it a bit easier for me. She didn’t have to walk a mile. I didn’t have to wait a while. It seemed like a good compromise.

Creativity like this is always available for us. Whether at work, in starting a business or in our primary relationships, it’s frequently rewarding to search for an empty road.

Easy street, it’s only a block further, but perhaps, it’s closer than you think.