lines on a page

piles of pages

Much of my creativity I attribute to my friend Josh.

Josh is brilliant. He’s also a pretty humble guy.

I stated surfing because of Josh.

One day, he was out kite boarding. Another dude was crawling out of lake Ontario with a surf board.

I remarked to Josh that I always had wanted to surf.

Josh remarked: What’s stopping you?

Stumped, I was at a loss for words.

The only thing stopping me was me.

He then told me about working in the advanced design division of an aerospace company. Josh came there as a simple draftsperson. Someone must have seen Josh’s brilliance as he was provided with a mentor.

Josh said that every day, on every project, we start with a bank sheet of paper. On that page, we make some lines. If the ideas are good, they get put in one pile. If they don’t work, they go in another pile.

The bad idea pile? The stone of a mountain.

The ones that work? Veins of gold.

You need to move a lot of rocks before you tap into a vein of gold.

Sure, we can get more efficient at finding the gold.


Developing that eye requires moving a lot of rock.

In the end, we discover that both the gold and the rock are the same thing.

It’s just a matter of getting to work.