Let's make those birds now

or let's make those birds meow

When I was a teen I used to nap.

Typically this would take place on in the afternoon.

I would be on the couch.

The television would be on channel 4, PBS.

On the tee vee?


With his light voice, mic’ed up canvas and his happy little clouds.

I do not know anything on this earth more soothing than listening to that man paint.

I don’t look for or listen to meditation podcasts or things like that. I’m not much of a meditate type. Why meditate when there’s Bob Ross?

His words soothed me and continue to do so:

Ever make mistakes in life? Let's make them birds. Yeah, they're birds now.

That’s right baby! All of the typos there in the Foolsletter? Those are Bob Ross birds bipity boop boo!

In meeting with the editor, we’ve been discussing which typos ended up working and enhanced the meaning beyond my intention. We’re going to try to make those into happy little birds, flying through puffy little clouds. And then, there other places where I’ve basically butchered the language or was simply not of sound and sober mind when I strung some barely comprehensible runonsentenceslikethisone

Slightly annoying, extra work that you’ve done for me - so thank you.

And, sometimes a fun and playful way to write.

The word: runonsentenceasarunonwordisafunjoketomeperhapsthiswasworthyourattentionperhapsnoteitherwaythanksforshowingup

One such error?

When I compiled the first series of posts to send to the editor, I called the file BORA - initial doc. This has a certain brilliance to the astute observer. The Book of Wrong Answers acronym is spelled wrong.



As in “The Book of Rong Answers”

What do you think?

Book of Wrong Answers or Book of Rong Answers?

Next post?

A bit more on Bob


I’ll tell you in on the coolest thing I’ve learned by using the Foolsletter to write a book on Substack.

One Derful Thing

I’ve been slashing away at content lately.

There’s a great deal of content from this blog becoming the book.

And a lot of it?

I’m slashing!

I’m the content slasher!

Slashin’ and trashin’

Slash talkin’

What would it be like if you played with moving through the world as though you were slashing you way along?

How do you slash behaviourally?

If you don’t, try it out.


It’s highly likely that an ice hockey referee will end up giving you two minutes in the sin bin for slashing.