Let's eat this moment


Let’s eat this moment.


Let’s eat this moment

Muppet mouthed with bulging eyes


yes yes yes

As we breathe sunshine.

A bit more about The Book of Wrong Answers

The title started as a joke at first.

I would say something completely wrong, inappropriate and perhaps a bit insensitive.

I would notice Laura’s face and understand right away: Whatever I said came from The Book of Wrong Answers.

Eventually this became shortened to “What book did you get that one dear?”


Everything that’s short can be expanded upon.

So, I started telling people stories about ‘The book’

It goes like this:

In our house we only have two books and they look almost identical.

Almost, excepting the fact that one if visibly more worn than the other.

The first? The Book of Right Answers.

The second? The Book of Wrong Answers?

The one that’s more worn?

You guessed it - The Book of Wrong Answers.

Now, when I end up screwing up in relationships, it typically comes when I’m trying to do the ‘right thing’. I screw up when I reach for the book of right answers. I end up grabbing The Book of Wrong Answers.

As such?

I’ve started reaching for The Book of Wrong answers and have had much more success.

This is not unlike what George Costanza did on Seinfeld. George learned that he need to think of what a ‘normal’ person should do in any situation and then do the opposite.

Things are not quite that simple. And? There’s a bit of wisdom there.

The Book of Wrong Answers is dedicated to explaining and exploring the paradoxes and polarities of life that don’t seem to make sense initially. How do we integrate things that seem hypocritical, shameful or just nonsensical? How can we live a life where we have room in ourselves for this reality?

Remarkably Foolish Video of the Week:

George Costanza does the opposite. This, I believe to be self explanatory:

One Derful Thing

Seinfeld things

Frequently during family gatherings my father and I like to pretend we are George and Jerry on Seinfeld.

You like to pretend you’re George and Jerry?

We like to pretend we’re George and Jerry?

You like to pretend you’re George and Jerry.

It gets annoying

It gets annoying?

It does. It gets annoying.

Find someone to do this with.

You want me to find -


Watch some more examples of the tone here.