part one of a two or three part riff on fomo and what we do with the outcasts, the leftovers

Cold pizza is my favorite food.

When we’ve had pizza as a family, I delight in finding some in the fridge the next morning.

Hot pizza is very satisfying.

Cold pizza with coffee while everyone else is in bed?

Almost more so.

With surfing, the big waves of a swell are the main event.

It’s painful to know that I’m missing out.

Not a ‘fear of missing out’ but a pain of missing out.

Leftovers however can be even more delightful.

Less crowded. Less critical, surfing leftovers can be a great experience.


When I wake up in search of leftovers only to find an empty fridge and a flat ocean, it’s wretched. The disappointment of not scoring leftovers is far worse than missing out on the main event.

What’s you’re relationship with leftovers?