Least rational, most absurd

If we had to take a stand somewhere

Executive functioning.

Sounds important?

Like it should be paid more.

A whole lot more.

Way more.


The executive is what we always want to address when we’re meeting someone.

It’s remarkably foolish and we do it every day.

We’re hard wired by our industrial school systems to expect the executive functioning of another person. We expect that they will behave rationally and reasonably.

This would be a fine expectation to have if it weren’t for a simple problem. The people who we think are most bonkers? They have rational reasons for being utterly foolish. This is why it isn’t wise to bring a whole lotta ‘why's’ to a conversation. It creates too much room for the ‘my dog ate my homework logic’.

Let’s accept one foolish fact: When we expect people to be reasonable, rational and act through executive functioning, we’re setting the bar pretty high. As I have mentioned that we humans are pretty incomplete. Our senses are limited. Our knowing of the world is limited to our senses and how we’ve been able to use tools to extend them. As such, we’re always operating with incomplete data.

What’s more? How often do you find yourself operating fully nourished after a great nights sleep and well prepared for the day? No matter how much we optimize our habits, there are days when our best leaves a lot to be desired.

And? If we have shitty days even once every couple of months, it stands to reason that a good number of people you encounter in the run of a day aren’t going to be showing up as their optimized best. Hell, a good lot of them will likely be giant assholes.

It’s not surprising that it’s easy to let go of our rational and reason ability. Our executive function is the last part of the brains to develop and the slowest to fire. We tend to be impulsive and emotional first and rational second.

Tomorrow, I’ll go further into how our sense of play activates helps the impulsive and emotional aspects of our nervous system activate, engage and self regulate preparing us to be more reasonable with each other.

The preview version?

Want to be more reasonable? Be more of an animal.

One Derful Thing

So many of these interventions are about playing with the excitement of our nervous systems. Sometimes, when we slow things down, we have more time to notice more.

Try this one with a friend.

Tell them it’s time to have a fist fight and that the two of you are going to beat each other up in slow motion.

Here are the rules: Keep in slow motion at all times.

Give a hit to take a hit. Slow motion at all times and keep your fist and feet six inches from their target.

One of the most important parts of this one is making certain as the person being hit that you help make your partner look good. Why? Because, as your partner, they are the best partner Make them shine.

Try this in your zoom meeting. Start by putting people in break out rooms, then bring every body back for a full on zoom meeting brawl!

Share this with your team so they know the rules.

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