It was mediocre

I get excited about things.

This time? I was excited about a joke. A big joke that I want to play with a lot of people for fun. (that’s kinda the point of this dang ole’ Foolsletter)

This time? I wanted to share my joke with someone in person. I was attempting to give them a seat at the table. I wanted to let them in on the joke.

We met at a cafe.

I shared it.

They shifted nervously... well…

A belly full of anxious butterflies burst from their mouth.


That's when I realized. This wasn't my audience.

After a little uncomfortable conversation, we shifted to something a bit more safe. Pets.

This conversation?

This wasn't a conversation either of us needed.

I was lost on fantasy island.

I had the idea in my head that this person was someone that they weren't.

Worst part?

It had nothing to do with them.

My perception of them was mine. And? it was inaccurate. I was wrong.

Curious and wrong.

What happens you realize that someone isn't really someone you thought they were?

For me this was a small reminder moment of: *Oh yeah. Right. Your're a bit weird. People don't always see the world like you do...*

I felt a bit alone for a moment.

Just small second

And then I thought about the next person to share the joke with.

Maybe by then I'll tell it better.

One Derful Thing

Yes. No. Maybe.

Everything you say yes to means saying no to something else.

Highlight this in your life.

ie: Yes, I will go to work to day. No, I will not risk losing my job to cut my toenails.


Yes, I will go to the toilet, no I will not simply release myself now.

Then for fun, add some tension:


Maybe I’ll wake up late and rush to work cutting it close to the line and slightly risk losing my job while cutting my toenails.

When there’s a maybe?

The outcome is clear.

Maybe is a pause for magical thinking.

It’s a place to go visit Sowantitnottobe.

And ultimately leads to a yes or a no.

Where can you play Yes. No. Maybe?