Is this anything?

I have Jerry in my head

I’ve been listening to Jerry Seinfeld read his book - Is This Anything.

Yesterday, I was writing as though I was writing a stand up routine. It was fun to play with those rhythms.

I also mentioned an axe grinding workshop and wrote briefly on forgiveness. The stories we have in our head around forgiveness frequently have a lot to do with physical / somatic cues from our body. Or, we get physical sensations attached to the story we have around the thing / time we were hurt.

Psychologist Janis A Spring wrote ‘How Can I Forgive You?’ In it she suggests that forgiveness is dependent upon the other party making amends. She discusses this most specifically within the concepts of extramarital affairs. The bigger the hurt, the more important any efforts to reparations. She suggests that sometimes we can accept, allow and even forget. Forgiveness however can take more time.

When looking at inter-generational trauma? The work to heal takes time. Lots of it. In the mean time what do we do? (for this is truly a mean time)

We sooth and numb ourselves. We do this with stories. We do this with repetition.

So. If you, have the ability to forgive? That’s super. Ideal. Easier for everyone, especially you. Fantastic.

If you have trouble with forgiving people who have wronged you, this workshop will help you get a new look on a tired, old, repeated story.

We’re going to grind axes and tell tired stories in ways that might re-frame our relationship with them.

Selling old stuff

I’m still selling old stuff on Facebook Marketplace.

Here’s an advert for some brewing stuff:

Oh boy. I wanted to make beer. I did. A couple of times. Now? I'm too damn lazy. Now? I just hit myself with a brick. I get knock out hammered almost instantly. It's efficient. Now? My face looks like hamburger. Now? It's an improvement. Buy this stuff. Help me pay for a new face. And you? Save your face from a brick.

Here’s one for a saw:

Do you see this saw? I see this saw. I've never seen this saw by the sea though. This one? 10" Decent blade. You need to use a shim to lock it in place. Compound mitre saw? More like a complex mitre saw. It's moody and great for ruff cuts. Ruff cuts? Haircuts on a dog. For people who do not like their dog.

One Derful Thing

Take the corner of a towel. Dab it in water. Dab it on your face. Dab.

Not that thing my son did a few years ago pretending to be someone he knew pretending to be Usain Bolt.


Now, that action you did with your facecloth, you could do with a paintbrush.

How could you do it with your voice?

How can you move in a dab?

How do you dab with your head?

Your chest?


Spend today exploring ‘dab’ through both voice and movement.