Inspiration vs effort

inspiration is great


Some days you’re not going to have it.

You won’t feel inspired.

Hell, you will likely feel anxious, discouraged, overwhelmed or just burnt out.

Some days staying in bed seems like the best option.

Some days it’s going to be work just showing up.

Showing up at work.

Showing up for your family.

Showing up for your partner.

Showing up for yourself.

Who needs to see you?

Who needs to know you’re here?

Who would miss you if you were gone?

You’ve got this.

Get moving

One Derful Thing


No, this is not a place name.


It’s place where people get lost.

We get lost in our heads

Especially when things are difficult


Sowantittonotbe this way.

Reality is that things are as they are.

We live in the world of ‘it is’,

Not ‘it is not’

This is a game that Carlo used to play with us at Dell Arte.

Imagine how we looked walking around the room playing with the embodied sense of ‘it is’ and ‘it is not’

We would find things - like a shoe and say: It is a shoe, it is not a motorhome.

In addition to being ridiculous, this game anchored us in reality, in ‘what is’

So when you see things that you don’t like, when you sowantittonotbe as it is?

You’re not living in reality.

So today, in honour of a place we can’t go - Sowantittonotbe, play a game of it is, it is not.

So, if you’re on a zoom call and you show off your new haircut, you could impress your coworkers by showing them your new pen and saying:

It is a pen. It is not a cabbage.

And send me a message here. Let me know how it goes.

It is a message. It is not a circular saw.

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