industrial parks

and creativity

Without skateboarding infrastructure, back in the 80’s there were few options for a young skater with California dreams.

Sometimes we built ramps.

Other times we destroyed the marble grandeur in front of bank buildings.

In California, they skated empty swimming pools.

The best finds we had were discovered while exploring industrial parks.

There we spent days search for places to skate.

Curbs, handrails and open spaces a-plenty, industrial parks afterhours were as chock-a-block with potential.

The holy grail of our local industrial park was the cheese bank.

Tucked in behind in the loading zone of a cheese factory, there was an incredible transition that we could carve on, launch off and, for those who were good enough, blast up and ride the vertical of a wall.

A wall ride for those of you who weren’t into the push push glide lifestyle.

These days, every time I drive through that industrial park, I’m reminded that the potential for pleasure and play is everywhere for those willing to look.

Where are the undiscovered opportunities for play and pleasure, overlooked and right in front of you?