In the style of a dog

Another fable told side ways

There was this dog with neglectful owners.

It was let out every morning. His days were spend wandering, sniffing, fighting and humping.

One day, it discovered a butcher shop. The butcher? He was a bit dim. How do I know this? The dog was smart enough to steal a really choice cut of meat from this dim witted butcher.

The dog took off running. Instead of devouring the steak, the foolish dog delayed his gratification and went in search of a pretty place to eat. On his way there, he crossed a bridge. In the water below, the dog saw what he thought was a bigger dog with an even bigger steak.

He let out a bark of excitement to invite the big dog to the steak party.


The steak? You guessed it. It fell into the drink.

Now, this dog was not stupid. The same could not be said for the butcher.

Back to the shop went the dog.

Crossing the bridge this time he saw that same big dog with a big steak.

Asshole, thought the dog. That bitch made me drop my steak.

He snarled at the other dog.

The other dog snarled back.

Down went the steak.


Back to the butcher went the dog.

This time there was going to be no delayed gratification.

Fool me once, shame on you.

Fool me twice, shame on me.

Only this isn’t so accurate because both times this foolish hound had fooled himself.


To hell with delayed gratification he thought and gorged himself on the steak.

And from that day onward, the opportunistic flea bag was never hungry.

And he never crossed that damn bridge again.

One Derful Thing

This is a doggone fun call and response game to play.

Find a few times today to ask the eternal question:

Who let the dogs out?

Repeat until someone barks the correct reply